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  • Ralphie

The Art of Racing In the Rain (with Kevin Costner & Milo Ventimiglia)

Inferno by Dante

  • Speaker: 7th Circle - The Suicides

Miracle Underground (voice)


  • Timms

Shock and Awe

  • Carl

Turkey's Done (Short)

  • Dino Bracco

Baked in Brooklyn

  • David's Boss

A Family's Fury (pre-production)

  • Archer

The Return of Xander Cage

  • CIA Director

Meat (TV Movie)

  • Junior

The Second Coming of Christ

  • Colonel Krewiss

LeFrak City

  • Vic

Courier X

  • Frank Logan

From Zero to I Love You

  • Tracey Thayer

Mind Puppets

  • Commander

Tell Me I Love You

  • Hal Morton

The Last Train Home

  • Pastor Carpenter

Unreachable by Conventional Means

  • David's Boss

Happily Ever After

  • Doug

The Stepchild

Stevie D

  • Nick Grimaldi

Bada Bing, Bada Boom (Short)

  • Vinny

Eminem: Guts Over Fear (Video short)

  • Lous Joseph Sr.

The Big Short

  • Option One CEO

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

  • Bruce Davies

Family Is Family

  • Harry Hardware

Club Life

  • William Taylor

The Networker

  • Bernard Chumsky


  • Quigg's Boss

Taken 3

  • Johnson

Million Dollar Arm

  • Pete the Scout

179th Street

  • Agent White

The Last American Guido

  • Tony

Late Phases

  • Officer Bennett

Miracle Underground

The Networker

  • Bernard Chumsky

Memoirs from the Streets of New York

  • Lieutenant John Paluci

Mind Puppets

  • Commander

Stevie D

  • Nick Grimaldi

The Client

  • Frank Logan

Welcome, Sinners

  • Tracey Thayer

Happily Ever After

  • Doug

Taken 3

  • Detective Johnson


  • Borman

The Life

  • William Taylor

Inferno by Dante's (Hell Documented)

  • Speaker: 7th Circle - The Suicides

Dante's Hell Animated (Short)

  • Guido da Montefeltro (English version, voice)

Unreachable by Conventional Means

  • David's Boss

Accidental Reality Star (TV Movie)

  • Mr. Junior

Exposed (TV Movie)

  • Quigg's Boss

Lucky N#mbr

  • Phil Page

Million Dollar Arm [Walt Disney Pictures]

  • Pete Pete is a scout for the Seattle Mariners

Godzilla (Warner Brothers)

  • Huddleston

"Golden Boy"

  • Police Commissioner Dowdell


  • Timms

"Blue Caprice"

  • Detective Harper

"9 Full Moons"

  • Dr. Phelps

"Tumbleweed: A True Story"

  • Jimmy

"Torture Chamber"

  • Police Officer Ricci

"I The Truth"

  • Doug Calder

"Stealing Roses"

  • Gerry


"Canoejacked" (short)

"Please Kill Mr. Know It All"

  • Mob Boss

"Jersey Shore Shark Attack"

  • Mike

"Girls Gone Dead"

  • Sheriff Pratt

"II Home Invasion"

  • Detective Klein

"Walking the Halls"

  • Christopher Benson

"The Story of Luke"

  • David

"Secrets from Her Past"

  • Alek Ravik

"The Stonecutter"(Director's Cut)

  • Peter Accinelli

"Margin Call"

  • Louis Carmelo


  • Evan Lestrade

"Spare" (short)

  • Leo

"Standing Ovation"

  • Solly Burns

"Vacation with Derek"

  • Doug Dunbarton

"Caged Dreams" (short)

  • Tony


  • Sergio

"Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend"

  • Walter Huntley

"Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith"

  • Alvin Washington

"Standing Ovation"

  • character "Solly DeGrand"

"Dolan's Cadillac"

  • character "Michael Fletcher"

"Saw V" aka Décadence V (Canada: French title: dubbed version)

  • character "Chief of Police"

"The End Is Blossoming: The Ghosts of Ybor"

  • character "Sonny"

"They're Just My Friends"

  • character "Richard Dunn"

"Searching for Bobby D"

  • "Wiseguy"

"The Dance"

  • "Russo's Nephew"

"American Mall" (MTV Official Site)

  • character "Max Huxley"

View the trailer here


  • character "Delgado"

"Intellectual Property"

  • character "Paul's father"


  • character "Connors"

"The Path to 9/11"

  • character "Donald Sadowy" made for television movie

"In Plain Sight"

  • character "Frank Santoro Sr." made for television movie

"Central Booking"

  • character "Marty Johnson"

"Back in the Day"

  • character "Detective Kline Voiceover"

"Devil's Highway"


  • character "Deputy Fahrnbruch"


  • character "False Craig"

"Sin's Kitchen"

  • character "Joe"
  • Also Associate Producer


  • character Ross Elliot

"The Body"

  • character "John Miller"


  • character "Daniel Stanza"

"Bomb the System"

"Endangered Species"

  • character "Medina"

"Killer Weekend"

  • character "Michael Green"

"Al's Lads"


  • character "Frank"

"Blind Heat"

"The Hollywood Sign"

  • character "Rodney"


  • character "Taxi driver"

"Unstable Minds"

  • character "Freddy"

"Lethal Weapon 4"

  • character "Detective"

"A Month of Sundays"

  • character "Stephen McCabe"


  • character "Jack"


  • character "Cop"


  • character "Henry"

"The Gifted"

"Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home"

  • character "Engineer"

"Silicon Towers"

  • character "Derrick Stark"

"Under Siege 2: Dark Territory"

  • character "Captain no. 2"

"Frankie and Johnny"

  • character "Peter's roommate"

"Joe's Rotten World"

  • character "Sitcom Joe"

"Ultimate Taboo"

  • character "Brad"

"Dance of the Pendulum"

  • character "Jack"


  • character "Dad"

"The Voyeur"

  • character "James"

"Animal Instincts II"

  • character "Eric"

"Ladies in Waiting"

  • character "Rick"

"Perfect Gift"

  • character "Ted"

"Road to Revenge"

  • character "Ramirez"

"Pretty Woman" (as Alex Statler)

  • character "Night Doorman"

"CIA II: Target Alexa"

  • character "Raines"


  • character "Michael Reece"


  • character "Musician"

Jack Ryan (Amazon)

  • Secretary of Defense Marcus Trent (3 episode)

Pure (Hulu)

Suits (USA Network)

  • Thomas Bratton (3 episodes)


  • The Speaker


  • Deputy Police Commissioner Fletcher

Shoot the Messenger

  • Eric Lawson (8 episodes)


  • character "John Pavel Sr."

The Lottery

  • character "General Alan Langdon"

The Flash

  • character "Detective Fred Chyre"

Gotham (2 episodes)

  • character "Dick Lovecraft"

Public Morals

  • character "Harry Hardware"

Game of Silence ( 12 episodes)

  • character "Wallace Tuttle"


  • character "Sergeant Black"

No Easy Days (16 episodes)

  • character "Andrew Whitmore"


  • character "The Speaker"

Dropping the Soap

  • character "Captain Roberts"


  • character "Councilman Rose"

"House of Cards" (NetFlix)

  • character "Spinella / Marty Spinella" Marty is an educated Washington insider who has been a friend of Congressman Francis Underwood for twenty years. Currently he is lobbying for the two biggest teachers unions in the United States, and the congressman is the sponsor of the educational bill. VISIT THE SERIES:

"Person of Interest"

"The Firm"

  • character "J.D. Silver"
    2 episodes

"Blue Bloods"

  • character "Phil Sanfino"
    2 episodes


  • character "Joe Hagan"

"The Casting Room"

  • as himself


  • character "Will's Father"

"White Collar"

  • character "Frank Deluca"


  • character "Poochy Poochy Guy"

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

  • character "ATF Supervisor"

"The Listener"

  • character "Nick Zappata"

"Days of Our Lives"

  • character "Detective Pierce"
    2 episodes

"The Bridge"

  • character "Croft"

"Burn Notice"

  • character "FBI Agent Callahan"


  • character "Mr. Jones"

"The Border"

  • character "Andriano Frantangelo"
    2 episodes

"Warehouse 13"

  • character "Captain Powell"

"Dark Blue"

  • character "Howard"

"Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith'

  • character "Alvin"

"Guns" (television mini series)

  • character "Police Chief Tony Fabrisi"

"Without a Trace"

  • character "Charlie Moretti"


  • character "Conrad"

"The Border"

  • character "Frantengelo"

"Crazy Girls Undercover"

  • character "Alex Walker"

"The American Mall"

  • character "Max"

"In Plain Sight"

  • character "Frankie Santoro / Frankie Amato"


  • character "Phillips"

" 'Til Lies Do Us Part"

  • character "Ethan Woods"


  • character "Simon Bernhardt"

"Mary Sunshine"

  • character " Frank Santoro, Jr."

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

  • character "Flaherty's attorney"

"Brotherhood" to view photos from the set, click here 8 episodes

  • character "Frank Panzerelli"

"Prison Break" 4 episodes

  • character "Philly Falzone"


  • character "Johnny the Gent"

"The Sopranos"

"Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service"

  • character "Commander Foley"


  • character "Tom"

"CSI: Miami"

  • character "James Fukes"
  • episode "Double Cap"


  • character "Paul Koplin"

"Living Straight"

  • character "Adam Parks"

"NYPD Blue"

  • character "Pete Mangrini"
  • Season 7 episode 17 - "Roll Out the Barrel"

"Judging Amy"

  • character "Greg Christofaro"

"Law & Order"

  • character "Scott Shea"

"NYPD Blue"

  • character "Tommy

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

  • character "Logan's Attorney"

"The Division"

  • character "Bob Politto"

"Mike Hammer, Private Eye"

  • character "Jeff Torres"

"Silk Stalkings"

"Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction"

  • character "John" (husband)

"The Burning Zone"

  • character "Freddie Geiger"

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

  • character "Joe Johnson"

"Dark Skies"

  • character "Gary Powers"

"Diagnosis Murder"

  • character "Officer Tom Ames"

"Hot Line"

  • character "Nick Garvey"

"Can't Hurry Love"

  • character "Craps Table Pit Boss"

"Who's the Boss"

  • character "Tomato Man In Italy"


  • character "Davey Lesser"


  • character "Guard"

"A Year in the Life"

  • character "Pete Shinta"

"Falcon Crest"

  • character "Manny Synder"

"Knots Landing"

  • character "New Father"

"Cagney & Lacey"

  • character "Guy at Hospital"


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